Inconsistency in Zoom Apps displayed when a meeting is started using the start_url

Zoom Apps Configuration

If I am logged into “Account A” in my Zoom client, and then I use the start_url for a meeting scheduled on “Account B”, Zoom shows me the Zoom Apps for “Account A” and not “Account B”. If I am not logged in to any account before starting the meeting, I see the apps for “Account B”.

What is the expected behaviour here - if I launch a meeting using a start_url, should I see the Zoom Apps for the account that meeting was scheduled on?

How To Reproduce

  • Login to the Zoom Client on any account, “Account A”.
  • Schedule a meeting on a different account, “Account B”
  • Install some zoom apps on “Account B”
  • Use the Zoom API to retrieve the “start_url” for this meeting
  • Visit the start_url
  • Click on “Apps” within the zoom client
  • Notice that the apps for “Account B” do not load.

Repeat this when you are signed out from the Zoom client before opening the start_url. Notice that the apps for “Account B” do load in this scenario.

@rahul_cloudsangha ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m happy to help. It appears you’re reporting behavior related to the Zoom Client. If I understand correctly, when you switch accounts, you’re initially seeing the apps from the previous account. Is that right? If that’s the case, do the apps from the previous account still persist after you close or refresh the Zoom Apps panel? I’ve experienced instances where the Zoom Client initially reads from a cache, but after refreshing, it displays the correct state.