Incorporating into a website and URL Masking

I would like to use zoom as a virtual classroom in addition to an LMS on my tuition website.

However, I would like to MASK or not display the or zoom in the url.


Is that a possibility? How best do I achieve that?  


Basically I would like to have a unified system in-terms of not display different domains

Any ideas of thoughts?






Hi Noel,

Perhaps you might try running your own URL shortening/editing system (FOSS like ‘YoURLs’ perhaps: and providing links on the LMS via that. Using the intermediate layer of Yourls, you can change the end point of the same link any time you need, or simply generate a new one.

Just an idea that might result in a faster turn-around than Zoom developing a whole new system/method.


Hi Noel,

How are you incorporating zoom into your website, and what url are you wanting to mask?