Increasing count of GDI handles when starting and stopping meetings

We have noticed that when starting and stopping meetings repeatedly, there is a clear increase of GDI handles (by about 20 each time)

Which version?

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Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Repeatedly use the zoom SDK to start and stop meetings. While observing the count of GDI handles in task manager, we noted that the count would increase by about 20 each time.

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  • Device: Desktop windows PC
  • OS: Windows 10

Hey @gjudd,

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Are you seeing the same behavior in the most recent version of the demo application?


Hello @Michael_Condon, I am not sure, can you give me a hint how to get the latest one and I will try it out

Hello @Michael_Condon,

I have tried it with the latest SDK demo app version 5.2.42037.1112 and the behaviour also occurs with that version.

Regards, Gwyn

Hey @gjudd,

Thank you for looking into this. The team will investigate.