Info.plist should contain a NSContactsUsageDescription & NSCalendarsUsageDescription

I am using the Meeting SDK to create a custom UI.
After updating the SDK Update v5.17.1.12530

Apple starts rejecting my app with the following error:

The iOS SDK documentation says to specify only these permissions in project settings Info.plist .

We will use your Bluetooth to access your Bluetooth headphones.
For people to see you during meetings, we need access to your camera.
For people to hear you during meetings, we need access to your microphone.
For people to share, we need access to your photos

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I have to same issue

Hello Priyank,

NSContactsUsageDescription is used for Invite Contacts under Participant > Invite. NSCalendarUsageDescription is used to access calendar for scheduling meetings, but it should be optional in SDK.

Thanks for your patience,