InMeetingBOControllerListener not longer get triggers after SDK update v5.12.0.8850

After updating SDK to v5.12.0.8850 from v5.11.10.801, none of the InMeetingBOControllerListener callbacks are getting called.

  • onBOStatusChanged()
  • onHasCreatorRightsNotification
  • onHasAssistantRightsNotification
  • onHasAttendeeRightsNotification

When a host open breakout, I’m expecting to receiver one of the “onHas<Creator/Assistant/Attendee>RightsNotification” callback, this was working with the v5.11.10.

Android OS: Android 9, 12

Version: v5.12.0.8850

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I am facing the same issue for version v5.12.0.8850. I had to dowgrade to fix this. Did it get fixed in the latest version?

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