Inquiry About Zoom Developer Plan Features and Access


I am writing to inquire whether the Zoom Developer Plan includes access to both the Zoom Webinar and Zoom Phone packages. Currently, we are developing an archiving application using webhooks to store Zoom content on behalf of our clients. So far, we have successfully integrated Zoom Meeting into our system.

Our objective is to expand our capabilities to archive Zoom Webinars, as well as phone calls and SMS. However, the regular subscription costs for these plans seem prohibitive for our purposes, as we do not intend to use them over an extended period. Our requirement is solely for development purposes.

We are interested in accessing and utilizing the API and webhooks for these features during our development phase. Could you please advise on the best course of action in this matter?

Additionally, we are in the process of reviewing and publishing an app on your marketplace. We aim to extend our app’s coverage for your services. If needed, we are ready to provide further information about our company and our objectives regarding Zoom products.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @developmentjatheon ,

We do not have a developer-specific pricing option per your exact use case, but I recommend reaching out to Sales to determine the best option for you :slight_smile: