Installing App Outside of Account for Beta

We have requested for our app to be in BETA and accessible outside of our account almost 2 weeks ago. Everywhere I have looked the documentation says feedback will be provided within 72 hours. Is there anything we can do to get a “status” on when or if this will be looked at?

The App name is “Pickle for Individuals”

We’re just trying to get access to share outside of our account to test with a couple of beta customers before submitting the app to be published to the marketplace.

Hi @Pickle,

Thanks for reaching out about adding beta testers via a Publishable URL.

I’m afraid that we have a temporary hold on all Publishable URL/beta requests for users outside the account of the app. As we’re not able to issue Publishable URL requests at this time, it is required that you will need to have your app reviewed and approved by our Marketplace team in order to test with any additional users outside of our account.

If you need to test with additional users under your own account in the meantime, you can still do so locally using the Local Test URL from your app. You might consider adding certain external individuals to your development account temporarily, so that they can use the local test/publishable url for testing purposes.

That said, we realize the impact this has on your ability to easily test with individuals outside your account, and do sincerely apologize that we can’t currently issue a sharable/publishable URL for draft apps at this time. Our team is hoping to solve for this in the near future.

Thank you,

Hey Will,

Thanks for getting back with us. We are going to go ahead and submit our app. I’ve tried multiple ways to get feedback on this and a post on the forum worked after 2 weeks. You need to add a warning that it’s not sharable outside your account until that is fixed.

Thanks again for your help,


Hey Will,

We’ve run into a slight issue submitting the app. We need to validate ownership of our domain. The issue is that we’ve already validated ownership of for a separate app of ours (Pickle). We’ve created a new OAuth App (Pickle for Individuals) that will use different webhook endpoints that belong to the same domain as our original app.

Since we already have a verifyzoom.html file in our root for the existing app, I tried appending the new validation code to the same file. That didn’t work. I also tried creating another verifyzoom.html file but with a slightly different name. Still no luck. What do we need to do in order to re-verify our domain for this second app? Is DNS verification an option?

Thanks for your help,

Hi @Pickle,

If you’re still having trouble with this, can you reach out to us directly at Our team can help to manually validate via a DNS txt record.


Sent an email with that exact same text to on November 9, 2021 at 10:15 AM MST. Still no response. I just sent another follow up. Any other channels I can try? Thanks again.

Hi @Pickle,

I’ve just reached out to you directly via Email to help with this. I will keep an eye out for your reply.


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