Waiting over a week on a request for sharing outside our account

My company is looking to onboard an alpha partner to try out our app before we submit it. We’ve requested to share our app outside our account over a week ago and are wondering if we can get someone to look at the request?

We haven’t heard back on being able to share our app outside of our account.

Which App?

Screenshots (If applicable)

Any help or insight is super appreciated!


Hi @chrismodernloop,

Thank you for your excitement to share your application with others! We really strive to make sure this experience can be quick, however, at the moment we are not approving publishable URLs for beta purposes. We will be enabling this feature again in 4-5 weeks. If that timeline doesn’t work for you, please email us at developersupport@zoom.us and we will see what we can do to enable you in the meantime.

(Please note that I’ve redacted your app information as they’re a bit sensitive for our forum.)


Would it not make sense to manage developer expectations to put a message to that effect in the UI?

Thanks for the suggestion @jimig, I agree this could be helpful and will work with our team to see if we can make this temporary adjustment more clear in our documentation.