Instant meeting created with ZAK fails immediately

I’m trying to start meeting using following code:

        let joinParams = ZoomSDKStartMeetingUseZakElements()
        joinParams.userType = SDKUserType_EmailLogin
        joinParams.displayName = displayName
        joinParams.meetingNumber = 0
        joinParams.isDirectShare = false
        joinParams.displayID = 0
        joinParams.isNoVideo = false
        joinParams.isNoAuido = false
        joinParams.vanityID = nil
        joinParams.zak = zak
        joinParams.userId = userId
        sdkMeetingService?.startMeeting(withZAK: joinParams)

After execution SDK opens meeting window but it immediately disappears.


ZoomSDKMeetingServiceDelegate: onMeetingStatusChange: State: ZoomSDKMeetingStatus(rawValue: 6), Error: ZoomSDKMeetingError(rawValue: 100), reason: EndMeetingReason(rawValue: 0)

ZoomSDKMeetingServiceDelegate: onMeetingStatusChange: State: ZoomSDKMeetingStatus(rawValue: 7), Error: ZoomSDKMeetingError(rawValue: 101), reason: EndMeetingReason(rawValue: 0)

Hi @kmisiag, thanks for the post.

I noticed that you specific the userType as SDKUserType_EmailLogin, but are providing a ZAK. Usually that login type refers to logging into the SDK directly instead of using OAuth and getting the ZAK through the REST API. If you are using the ZAK, you don’t need to use the login method. You can also change the type to ZoomSDKUserType_WithoutLogin if you are using a ZAK.

Let me know if anything changes after making these adjustments and we can investigate further.


Actually I can’t use ZoomSDKUserType_WithoutLogin with ZoomSDKStartMeetingUseZakElements cause there is a type mismatch and it doesn’t compiles.

Cannot assign value of type ‘ZoomSDKUserType’ to type ‘SDKUserType’

Hi @kmisiag,

Thanks for pointing that out. This appears to be an issue specific to Swift integrations, since it only causes a warning in Objective-C. We’ll look into how we can better support Swift in this regard.

In the meantime, can you try using SDKUserType_Unknown along with the other suggestion from my previous reply and let me know if that has any impact on the errors you’re seeing?


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