unable to start meeting


When I use old SDK version, I could start a Meeting.But when i user v4.1.32183.0910 version,I always fail to start a meeting.

It shows the meeting is connecting, and then ends right now.

error: MobileRTCMeetError_MeetingOver


2018-10-15 09:35:13.838398+0800  <<<< AVOutputDeviceDiscoverySession (FigRouteDiscoverer) >>>> -[AVFigRouteDiscovererOutputDeviceDiscoverySessionImpl outputDeviceDiscoverySessionDidChangeDiscoveryMode:]: Setting device discovery mode to DiscoveryMode_None 

2018-10-15 09:35:14.071781+0800  [Default] MPMediaControlsRemoteViewController Dismissing because view service terminated


what kind of user did u use, login user or without-login user?


I am facing the same problem. Did you found a solution?

I am using login user


Same here, login user as well. No reply from Zoom for a week?


in the latest SDK, we introduce one param named Zak, if you use without-login user, u need to pass the correct user type and zak, otherwise, u cannot start a meeting successfully.