Integrate Mobile SDK to existing apps

Hi, I am having a workout app. In this, I want to share my workout with others via sharing my screen.

Do I need to create a new zoom account for all users that want to create a meeting and enable screen share?

Also we have seen APIs for creating new users (Create and Customcreate) and create meetings. Which plan do I need to take to access those API’s? (Pro or Enterprise)

Could you give me some tips to achieve this?

Hi @pandiyaraj,

Thanks for the post. Regarding your questions:

Screen sharing is an in-meeting feature, so it is not related to accounts or plans. If you have implemented the screen sharing feature in your SDK app, you should be able to use it. For create a meeting, you could use Zoom API to schedule a meeting(

Both Pro and Enterprise will allow you to access API, if you would like to get more advice and select the plan that is tailored for your situation, you may need to contact our sales:

Hope this helps. Thanks