Integrating their own app with Zoom

Question: Integrating their own app with Zoom

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The customer is in the process of approving the Montara Zoom App.

App Description
Montara analyzes existing workplace data to provide objective & unbiased visibility and insights for employees, managers, and teams in real-time.
Using this app, we extract meeting history metadata to anonymously infer relationships in the organization.
There is a true digital story in every person’s behavior - including video conference. We cross-reference this data with other digital systems to assemble the entire story.

What our app basically does is extract metadata about meetings our customers are having. We then, provide them with insights as part of our platform.
Meaning, our app is only in charge of data ingestion after the customer authorizes us.

Therefore, I’m not sure how you might test this app at the backend. Also, I’m not able to provide more images as this runs on the customer backend.

How should we proceed?

System Info: [Applicable system info for the question]

Please advise & Thank you

Gio Gonzales - Zoom

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