Integrating Web SDK for webinar host

Is it possible to host Webinar inside my app using web sdk?

I am trying to build an app involves teachers and students. I want teacher to host webinar and students attend webinar inside my app. Is it possible?

Hi @shreehari,

Not right now, however, we do plan on supporting this feature in our next release, that is tentatively scheduled for April.
Please see our upcoming changes page and our change log page[1] to get notified of when we deploy the new release[2].

1 -
2 -

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hello @Michael_Purnell , I am trying to use web sdk for a webinar, is this function already working?

I am using the test files using the CDN but it gives me an error


I am using a pro account

Could you help me ?

Again I answer by myself :slight_smile:

Uncheck the Enrollment option and everything works :slight_smile:

I have another question, is there a way to remove the information from the webinar? In the image that I attach what is crossed out I do not want it to be seen anywhere, is that possible?

Thank you

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Hey @juanca2626,

Happy to hear you figured out the issue! :slight_smile:

As for hiding that panel, you can do so via CSS or JS.