One API Key for multiple users possible?


we are building an app where teachers and students join in the meeting, we will have 4 teachers who can host meetings separately within the application, I understand we will need 4 different user accounts, I also read that one zoom account can have multiple users, now what I wanted to know is,

  1. Can I use one API key for the account for all the users within the account OR should I need separate API key for each users?
  2. if One API key is possible, how the app can know which user is hosting? as far as I tested, the sample web sdk app allows any one to host but it allows only one host per app ? which means one host per API key ?
  3. Can a pro account create more free users within the account? is there a limit in user creation in the pro account?

can you please clarify,


Hey @integrine, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Yes, for the Web SDK, you only need one JWT App.

The app can know which user is hosting by the meeting id that is set. The Web SDK uses one set of JWT credentials and can host multiple simultaneous meetings.

Yes. The limit is basically unlimited.