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What plan do I need to be able to use Zoom for a live online course platform. My initial understanding was that I needed the Pro license. I called sales support and they responded with the following message

Please see here more information about Zoom ISV:

This program starts at $5,000 per month which would provide either:

• 250,000 minutes of usage (overages at $0.02 per min)
• Access to 420 host licenses

I have the same question a that sylv1.montreuil posted:
“I plan to use Zoom API where teachers grant access to the app to make Zoom API calls on their account, Create a meeting, register a new participant, list all registrants, …
I have read the Zoom API documentation.
In what I understand I need to build an app in the marketplace that in Oauth.
Zoom users (in that case, teachers) will be able to authorize their account (through OAuth) to make API calls.
This app will request permission to read:write in teachers account.
Then each calls will be made on the teacher account.
Teachers will need to have a paid plan (Pro or above) to be able to call the API and host meetings.
Students will be able to join free.
With this type of architecture then it is ultra scalable as each teacher is a host and can have meaning with multiple students.
The platform can that organise via API call unlimited concurent meetings? Is that correct?
Can the platform have access to all the recording meetings as long as teachers have given recording access in the App?”

Can you clarify what Zoom plan I need?

Hi @accentinclusive,

Happy to help clarify.

First, I should note that your plan is generally possible without an ISV plan. However, if you need to host unlimited concurrent meetings, you would in fact need to consider an Enterprise level/ISV plan.

Our standard licenses (such as Pro) do not support unlimited concurrent meetings. A host on a Pro license can host just 1 meeting at a time.

In regards to recordings, if you develop an OAuth app and a teacher on a Pro license installs it, their recordings will be available to you as long as your app has the necessary scope and the teacher has a Pro or higher license.

Let me know if this helps to clarify!


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