Integrating Zoom meetings into existing online training website

I’ve used PHP to develop a robust training website for a firm that uses Zoom to present training events to users who create accounts at our website and register for selected events.

We’re looking to better integrate Zoom into the user and administrator experience.

Our current situation
Administrators create training events using a secure form on our website, which includes a field for them to enter the training event URL (i.e.{example}), which administrators obtain when creating Zoom events through their Zoom account (which is not connected in any way to our website).

At time of each meeting, administrators manually note who has attended the meeting, and marks them as “present” in our website’s database — which then allows attending users to proceed to a post-test following the event.

Trainees register for events through our website after creating a user account with us, and receive confirmation emails that contain the URL of their upcoming event, which they then visit at the time of the meeting using their Zoom account, which has no connection to their website user account.

Our challenges
Administrators find it difficult to square the users they find attending their training events with the users who have registered through our website: Many times the Zoom usernames bare no resemblance to our website usernames; sometimes users join and then rejoin meetings using different accounts or devices; join, but don’t stay for the entire meeting; join from a device not logged into a Zoom account, etc.

All of this makes determining attendance difficult.

Our wishes
We’d like to make these Zoom meetings available only through our own website (embeded into one of our webpages) to our users who have registered for the events. We’d like the usernames associated with our own website to be the usernames that appear in Zoom. And we’d like to automatically determine which of the users registered for each event actually attended.

It’s also be ideal to have our administrators’ training event creation tool on our website connect directly to Zoom, so administrators can actually create upcoming events with Zoom at the same time as they create those events in our own system.

I understand achieving these goals will likely involve single sign-on (SSO) and Zoom’s Webhooks, and am looking for:

  1. Confirmation what we’re hoping to do is possible; and
  2. The best path forward to put these changes in place

Thanks for any help.

Hi @FloydianSlip
Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the late reply here!
By reading your post, it looks like you would benefit from using our Meeting SDK web, which will allow you to embed the Zoom experience into your application:

Now, you can also leverage our REST APIs that will help you generate reports on the users who attended the meetings or registered for those events, for example:

Thanks for the help. Lots to read up on. :wink:

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@FloydianSlip Happy to help!
There are also a couple of sample apps available that you could benefit from, here are some examples for Meeting SDK for web:

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