Integrating Zoom on my website for One to One Zoom call

I intend to set up one to one (in future - one to many Zoom call ) Zoom call between two users on my site. How do I do that? As Zoom usually offers around 40 minutes of free time for their signed up users, will I be able to set up something similar using Zoom api or would that be a chargeable service?
Kindly point me to correct documentation page and please let me know if Zoom allows this or not

So, I need a way to create a meeting and share the URL between two of them. So, I would appreciate if you can let me know the way to do that. Would I (website) be creating the link and sharing between two of them or would I be getting the meeting created for both these users using one of the users credential (Google authentication or something)

Our website is build using Angular 8, .net Core, SQL server

Hey @jayforu,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. If you wish to embed Zoom on your site or app, you will likely want to use a combination of our APIs (for creating and scheduling live meetings) and our Web SDK (for embedding the Zoom Meeting/video experience on your site/app).

We offer both APIs and SDKs for you to consider when planning an integration/implementation in an application. You may find the below information helpful for your web developer.

Here are some APIs that you can consider using within your application:
Create Meetings: To create a meeting (including instant meetings)
List Meetings: To Display the schedule Meetings
Retrieve Meeting: To get a specific meeting

When it comes to the Web SDK, please see our guide on building an app with the Web SDK as well as our Sample Apps for more information on how you can embed the power of Zoom in your website:

When you create meetings using the Create a Meeting API, it uses the same licensing as the host of the meeting. If you create a meeting for a basic user, that user will have the same 40 minute meeting limitation.

You would use the Create a Meeting API in order to create the meeting with Zoom. You could then integrate the Web SDK with your website and create a URL for your website that is able to join the meeting you created for each user.

Let me know if that makes sense or you have any questions.


@MaxM Thank you so much for this information, we would start with a Proof of Concept approach and if we have any more questions, I will get back to you.

Does Zoom charge for this? May I know the pricing for the API/Web SDK usage? If 40 minutes of usage is free then does that also mean integration of API/Web SDK is also free? Would you please shed some light on it?

Thanks again,

Hey @jayforu,

I’m glad to hear that was helpful! When developing with Zoom, you’ll want a pro plan or higher but we don’t charge per usage of the API or Client SDKs.

Let me know if you have any questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


@MaxM Thanks Max,

These pricing plans are not clear to me.
Let me help you with more details on our scenarios. Ours is a social site where people would be collaborating using different tools, mostly offline. We are thinking about providing a feature where two individuals are coming on video call together and discussing things. And, imagine a situation, where many users are having such one-one call with each other as per their convenience.

Now, we were thinking about using Zoom for this. Do you think we can use Zoom for this? If so, will free pricing plan work for us as calls duration will not be going beyond 30 minutes. And will it serve the above mentioned scenario?

Our POC will be based on your inputs, so, waiting for your precious inputs. :slight_smile:

Hey @jayforu,

Thank you for providing more information. While you can use a Basic plan with our APIs and Web SDK, you will see there are limitations because you are using a free account. For example, Cloud Recordings will no be available so the API endpoints and Web SDK functionality related to that won’t be available.

Yes, this is absolutely something you can accomplish with our SDKs and APIs.

Let me know if that answers your questions.


@MaxM You have been very helpful, thanks a lot sparing time to answer my questions. I just read one of the question on developer forum and it sounds like our user case.

Based on that, I have formed few more scenarios and please help me if its a right thinking.

  1. Registered users on our site would be interested in setting up Zoom meeting.
    Question: Should they be registered on Zoom as well before setting up the meeting? If not, can I initiate their registration on Zoom using Zoom api ((using Gmail/Facebook login/OAuth2)from our site?

  2. Post their registration on Zoom, in order to create new meeting, they would have to login on Zoom using Zoom Apis(Oauth2 Google/FB login) and get the meeting created.
    Question: Is this understanding correct?

3.Post creating a meeting, they would be sharing this meeting link with their peers
Question: Can anyone join their meeting just with the link? Do they need to be registered user on Zoom? I learned new word, called Registrant , what is registrant and what is “Host user type must be Licensed” (

  1. There are two ways of running/creating Zoom meeting(?),
    a. seamless way where users dont leave the site but join Zoom meeting on our site itself.
    Question: Can I do that? Can I set up the user as a host who created this meeting? If we pick up this route, then do we need to have Zoom installed on user machine? Would I be needing some sort of Zoom extension? Can we completely avoid this installation part?

b. I can simply provide a link and then user can log using Zoom app/ website
Question: In your experience, what option people are using most? Option a or this option b?

In short, user journey on our mind is
Use registers on our site - > Using OAuth2 like mechanism(Google/FB login) logs in → If no existing account then registers on Zoom → Creates meeting → Share meeting invite with others.

Anywhere in the above mentioned scenarios, do you see or foresee need to buy premium/pro version of Zoom? In future, we will need it when we would have to record the meetings but as of now, recording is not necessary

Kindly find time to answer my question, if you have similar case study avaiable, please share the link for the same.

Thanks in advnace.

Hey @jayforu,

Thank you for the update.

When you say registered on Zoom, do you mean they should have a Zoom account? If so, not it’s not required that a participant have a Zoom account in order to join your meeting. If you want them to have a Zoom account, and authorize the user, the best method is to create an OAuth app. As part of authorizing the OAuth App, the user will be asked to log in or create a Zoom account.

Once they have logged in and authorized your app, your OAuth app can now make API requests on behalf of that user. You could use the Create a Meeting API in order to create a meeting for that user with a form on your website.

There are a couple of options to keep unknown users with the invite link from joining. You can use authentication profiles, enable waiting room or require registration.

A registrant is a meeting participant has signed up for a meeting and indicated they will attend the meeting before it starts. To register for a meeting, the participant enters their first name and email at the very least. You can require that participants register for a meeting and manually, automatically or programmatically approve them. See more information here:

When it says that that host of the meeting must be licensed, it means that the host of the meeting must be a paid user in order to use registration for the meeting.

If you want to embed the power of the Zoom Web Client in your website, you’ll want to user our Web SDK. Please see our guide onbuilding an app with the Web SDK as well as our Sample Web App.

If you were to use the Web SDK, the end user does not need to install anything to use Zoom. Similar to the Zoom Web Client.

Here in the developer forum, often most people ar embedding Zoom in their website. That’s mostly due to the nature of the developer forum. Overall, in terms of all Zoom users, I think it’s more typical to provide a standard Zoom URL that the end user uses to join with the Zoom app or the Zoom Web Client.

In order to develop with our APIs, you’ll want to have a Pro Plan or higher. This is so that you can use features like OAuth Apps, User Management and Registration.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the detailed response @MaxM
I guess I overlooked pricing section and probably your inputs, APIs are available with PRO plan only, all the requirements which I mentioned cant be fulfilled without PRO plan then.

Web SDK can be used but not the OAuth kind of feature.


Hey @jayforu ,

Correct, more details about Web SDK + OAuth here:


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