Integrating Zoom on my wordpress site


I am new to this forum.
I have registered with Zoom and obtained all my API keys.

What I want to ask is can I integrate Zoom on my wordpress site through rest APIs?

If yes then how?


Welcome to the Zoom Developer Community!

Depending upon your use case, you could use either the WebSDK or the REST API (each have unique Auth flows).



Hey @ssaxena
You can refer to the Zoom WordPress Plugin offered by us to integrate Zoom on your WordPress site.

Hey @ssaxena,

Zoom does not have an official Zoom Wordpress plugin, but there are many community built plugins as @elearningevolve mentioned. :slight_smile:


hope this seamlessly zoom integration with WordPress Woocommerce & Event Manager, this will help you.

Thanks for sharing @gam.ashok.dudhat!