How can I integrate our existing user accounts with Zoom SDK?

I’m a newer to integrating with Zoom SDK.
We already had some existing user accounts. We want our users to login in our own app first and start or join meeting through Zoom SDK using the same username.

But after reading SDK documents, I can’t find a clear explanation about this.
I found the loginWithEmail or loginWithSSO method in iOS SDK’s header files, but it seems not suitable for our situation.

Can anybody tell me how to handle this?

Hi @sum,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. For your use cases, you may consider using SSO but you will need to do SSO integration with us first:

Once you have setup the SSO integration with Zoom, then we will create a Zoom account for each of your users. After performing SSO authentication, you will get a zoom sso token in the response, pass that token to loginWithSSO to login the user in.

Hope this helps. Thanks!