Integrating Zoom's video stream in a web page

Hi everyone,
Our school is doing some free yoga lessons on web, is it possible to integrate the video stream of the meetings in our word press web page? No need to interact just to be able to watch the video stream. Would be great to be able to do so without asking to install zoom in any way, or to login, but just to access our web page.
PS Host will normally use the Zoom program, as well as some of the users.
Many thanks in advance!

Not with the Web Client SDK. The Web Client builds as a full player and requires authentication with your developer API secrets.

You would probably be looking for their new fully customizable SDK which is not GA yet.

Thank you for your reply, so there is a newer SDK that may have this option inside?

It’s a fully customizable toolset. I don’t have access to try it yet, but presumably, you can get access directly to the feed. This SDK would require a significant amount of development work to get set up, though.

then i’ll wait for the news!

Hey @yesoteric @ckarpyszyn,

That’s correct! If you’re looking to build a custom app using the power of Zoom, you’ll want to utilize our Fully Customizable SDK. You can fill out this form here if you’re interested in accessing the SDK as soon as possible.

I hope that helps!


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