Integration options to get Zoom links?

Hey! I’m the developer of an app that schedules meetings for people and gives them a videoconference link. I have a few questions.

  1. I’m curious what my integration options are if I wanted to start using Zoom links. Can anyone advise?

  2. If I go the route of a Public App, how long does that usually take to get approval?

I’d want a password-free link that I could put in a calendar invite.

Hi @averypmcintyre,

Good question—happy to help shine some light on your options.

To that end, if you wish to schedule meetings and generate links on behalf of customers who belong to your account, you can utilize our server-to-server auth method, JWT:

You can then call our Create Meeting API to schedule the meeting, and the join_url will be returned in the API response.

Alternatively, if you need to generate meetings/links for users external to your own account, you would need to create an OAuth app and get the app published following this submission process:

The approval process timeline will vary depending on whether your app requires feedback from our team, and how long it takes to implement that feedback.


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