Integration with our digital signage


Hi, I am looking into integrating Zoom into our Enplug digital signage offering, and I was wondering how to go about it. I am thinking about a scenario where our customer would connect to Zoom through Enplug, and then stream their video to our devices. For the customer, I am assuming he/she can give Enplug permissions to stream using OAuth, but how would the devices connect to Zoom? Would each of them need to have a ‘user’ inside of the Enplug Account? I looked at the documentation, but I am a little overwhelmed with the choices.

Any help is appreciated!


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Hey @bruno,

Do you mean you want to:

  1. Dynamically configure a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar to pipe the Video/Audio stream to a specific endpoint within Enplug.
  2. Then, Enplug broadcasts the Video/Audio stream to one/select/all Enplug Digital Signage devices for that specific account?

This might help me to answer you more efficiently.


Hi @bdeanindy,

I don’t necessarily need to stream through Enplug. I don’t mind having the devices connect using the Zoom API (we would be using the web API on the devices). What I’ve come up with so far is this:

  • User gives permission using OAuth for Enplug Service to create new rooms.
  • Enplug service creates a room using the OAuth token for the user.
  • Devices get the room id from Enplug, and use the app token and signature (retrieved from the server) to connect to the room.

I managed to move the signature code to our server so the app secret is secure.
I think my remaining question is: who gets billed for the usage of the room if the devices use the Enplug app token to connect, the user who created the room or Enplug?

Thanks for the help!


AFAIK, the account owner will get the bill.

To answer your earlier question, you can use an app to connect a meeting or Webinar stream to a specific endpoint (Enplug)

Then the user would need to use Enplug to point that stream to the designated device(s).

Does this help?


Thanks, I initially did not understand what you meant, but after reading this:, it is clearer now.