Intel Unite plugin start a ad hoc meeting


We are implementing Intel Unite with the Zoom plugin in some of our conference rooms and huddle spaces.  The plugin currently does not seem to offer a way to start a meeting in the room on demand.  If there is no meeting scheduled for the screen and click ‘Join Meeting’ you will get a prompt on the screen to enter a meeting id but since the hub has no user interface thee is no way enter an id.  Is there some way for the client app to prompt for a meeting id and pass it to the hub to join the meeting?  Inviting the screen to a meeting is fine but this limitation seriously limits the utility of the system and the room in which it is installed.

Hi Ken, 

You should first schedule a meeting in the Microsoft account you used for Intel Unite.Then start the Intel unite, the meeting will be pop up as available in the Unite client.

Let us know if that works for you. 


Yes I understand how it does work.  What I was looking for is a way to start a meeting “on the fly” from the Intel Unite. Or at least a way to have it join a meeting without going through the process of sending an email invite, waiting for it to be received…