Intermittent 404 NotFound Response When Accessing Zoom Video API's Session Detail

I have a question regarding the Video API that we use for our company’s video chat service.

Regarding the Zoom Video API’s session detail retrieval API:

We receive the issued session_id and session_number from the client and reference them from the server. However, sometimes we get a 404 NotFound response depending on the timing. Is there a delay for the information to be synchronized or any other reason for this?

Hi @kazuto.okada ,

Welcome to the forum! Let’s try to resolve this! Are you querying a live or past session? What is the timing between the session starting/ending before you query?

Hi @gianni.zoom,

Thank you for the quick response! It’s a live session. Here’s what we are doing:

  • ClientA (Android or iOS) starts a meeting using the Zoom Video SDK.
  • ClientA sends the session_number to our server.
  • The server retrieves the session information using the session_number as a parameter from the following: GET /videosdk/sessions/{session_number} and then extracts the session_id from it.
  • Once retrieved, it notifies ClientB with the session_id.

The issue we are facing is that sometimes the GET /videosdk/sessions/{session_number} returns a 404.

I appreciate your help in resolving this!

Hi @kazuto.okada ,

Thanks so much. How much time between the session starting and querying the endpoint? I know for some endpoints there can be a 1-2 minute lag for live meeting dats to our servers depending on network configurations and other factors that sometimes gives inaccurate response.

Hi @gianni.zoom,

To initiate a meeting between clients, we send a query immediately after starting the session. Because the meeting needs to be recorded from the beginning, our server uses the session_id to start the recording.
If there’s a 1-2 minute lag as you mentioned, is there any workaround to avoid this?

Hi @kazuto.okada ,

Not to my awareness unless you build in a 1-2 minute delay between starting the meeting and calling the API.

@kazuto.okada ,

Ken has mentioned about this issue which you have encountered. Have you evaluated webhoook for “start session” ?

Some payload which is returned in the “start session” webhook is

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Thank you for your response.
I cannot test it immediately because I need to allow external connections in our production environment, but if using a Webhook doesn’t cause the delay issue, I would like to consider it.

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