Intermittent Audio Issues

Our users are heavily using the iOS Zoom SDK inside our app and we are getting reports of users not hearing (mostly not hearing, rarely not seeing) our staff on the Zoom calls. It is happening in ~1 out of 200 calls. The call starts but either one side or both sides can’t hear each other. Checked the permissions, internet connection, restarting the device. The issue is very sporadic.

Which iOS Video SDK version?
It has been consistently happening with all the SDK versions. We have been upgrading our SDK frequently and the issue has been there.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
We have tried to reproduce it consistently no luck so far. It does happen on test environment but as I said, the ratio is 1 out of 200 calls. It is really hard to reproduce.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
Across all devices and operating systems, but only on iOS. This does not happen on Android.

Additional context
Let’s not close this one since it is not reproducible. The error has been very consistent over a year and now that our volume of calls is increasing, the error is more prominent.

I need help with identifying the issue. I am willing to log the SDK state somehow for each call so that I can understand why some sessions don’t have audio. Can you let me know what fields/properties to look for in the Zoom SDK? I will be logging various information and then back tracing the problematic calls. Any kind of guidance would be very helpful here.


Hey @guvenb,

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Are you using the Video SDK or the Meeting SDK?


I believe we are using the Meeting SDK. The calls have the MobileRTCMeetingService type; that should be the Meeting SDK.

An update on the issue:

We have been tracking all the possible calls coming from the Delegates (such as MobileRTCAudioServiceDelegate, MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate, MobileRTCAuthDelegate). For a problematic session that we have received 3 days ago, there are no errors being reported in these Delegate methods. The user wasn’t able to hear anything in the call. Here is what we have seen in the logs:

“meeting_status_code”=>“2” (This is MobileRTC_AudioStatus enum value unmuted)
“meeting_status_code”=>“2” (This is MobileRTC_AudioStatus enum value unmuted)
“meeting_status_code”=>“2” (This is MobileRTC_AudioStatus enum value unmuted)

Then the call starts but the user cannot hear the audio.

I can also share the zoom meeting ID of this problematic call.


Hi @guvenb,

Please note that I have moved this topic over to the #mobile-meeting-sdk:ios category.

Can you please share the meeting number of the call in which this issue was present? You can send it over privately via a ticket on our developer support site. Be sure to mention this thread so it can be correctly routed to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

My initial thinking is that, since this occurs 0.5% of the time, it seems very possible that it could be a network connectivity issue. Being able to check by the meeting number should help us confirm if we detected any unstable connections to the meeting on a per-user basis, so if that isn’t the case, we’ll at least be able to cross off one possible cause.


Thank you Jon, really appreciated.

As you said it happens in %0.5 of the calls; this number ended up being high due to the increase in our call volume. It is creating a lot of support tickets for us.

I have submitted the information and created a Zoom ticket: #12997247


Hi @guvenb,

Thanks for sending that over. I’ll respond to that ticket regarding any additional information needed for that particular meeting.


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