Intermittent issues with setting virtual backgrounds using Zoom Electron SDK

I have an application that uses the electron zoom SDK. During meetings, I have encountered an issue where sometimes I am unable to set a virtual background using the video settings UI on my app. I upload an image for my virtual background in the Zoom settings page, but when I click on the virtual background it does not apply to my video. I have had users report the same symptom and behavior. Other times it works for me, so it appears to be an intermittent issue.

So basically the key details of this issue are:

  • Using the Zoom default meeting UI created by the Zoom electron SDK after meeting starts, I use the Virtual Background settings page to upload a custom image successfully to be used as virtual background
  • If I select the custom image, it does not apply the virtual background to my video (neither the preview nor the meeting video) despite being selected
  • Sometimes it works as expected so appears to be intermittent, no clear pattern as of yet
  • When I use the normal Zoom client, selecting virtual background works every time

I’m looking for some guidance on troubleshooting this issue. As far as I can tell there’s no clear pattern to occurrence. On a related note, I tried to enable logs using the enable_log parameter when initializing the SDK to help troubleshoot this issue, but I don’t see any Zoom logs in /Library/Logs/MyApp/ - what is the log file I should be looking for here? There are a few files which seem to be encoded

Which version?
Latest electron SDK:

Hi @nraj,

Thanks for the post. The situation you are mentioning sounds unexpected. Could you provide the SDK log for us to further investigate? The log path is the correct path and the log files are encrypted and has the extension .log.