Virtual Background not rendering between meetings

It appears the SDK doesn’t render virtual backgrounds between meetings. Only from cold starts.

I’ve tried applying the currently selected ZoomSDKVirtualBGImageInfo via the ZoomSDKVirtualBackgroundSetting api. In the zoom settings it appears set but its not rendering.

Is this a bug or am I missing an api call?

Which version?
5.0.1 (24433.0616)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. When I set a virtual background via the Zoom Settings the virtual background applies.
  2. When you end the meeting and start a new one the virtual background isn’t set.


If you quit the app between starting meetings the virtual background applies.

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Hi, Can I get an update on this?

Hi @carson.zoom, Do you know if this is a bug or a misuse of the sdk?

@tommy would you be able to help?

Hi @timazed,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. We are able to identify an issue based on your description and we will fix this in the next release.


Hi @carson.zoom,

I’ve been testing with the new sdk and have noticed when you resign in the zoom sdk virtual backgrounds no longer load.

I was able to reproduce this in the sample app. I maybe doing something wrong so let me know if there is something specific that is meant to be done to make it work.


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@tommy - any chance you might know the solution to this? Sorry for pinging you directly but this is a huge blocker.

Hi @carson.zoom and @tommy, I’m also experiencing this issue. I’ve tried signing the binaries for release but when testing I notice that I am unable to use virtual backgrounds. Any advice here?

Hi @carson.zoom and @tommy - any updates on this? I cannot use virtual backgrounds in my app after resigning the SDK binaries. Thanks

Hi @timazed, @daves

Thanks for the reply and pardon the late response. We are able to identify an issue and we have released a hotfix for this issue. You may find the version that has the fix here:

Please note that you will need to set the team identifier before initializing the SDK to ensure the virtual background works as expected. For more info, please see:



I saw the update go out. Thank you so much for pushing the hot fix so quickly.

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Glad to be helpful. I will go ahead and close this thread. Please feel free to create another post if any other questions. :slight_smile: