WebSDK integration with Live Stream API

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We use WebSDK exclusively for meetings but also live stream and streaming only displays speaker view. There is no way to change speaker view to gallery view, etc. from webSDK

Describe the solution you’d like
Integrate webSDK host view - like the client to match host view to what is streamed (e.g. close this stream view gap from client, live stream view changes with host view so just do same with webSDK)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
A. Allow us option to change view with live stream API - e.g. we can set to stream gallery view to stream as an option or speaker view. (may be quick temp fix, we need this now)

Additional context
I’ve sent to team a video showing this but it’s clear that live stream api has no connection to webSDK view so at least give us manual ability to show gallery view, thus we’d be able to set stream view to gallery to fix gap. Then when you roadmap the websdk/live stream api integration you can more fully resolve, but at least give us ability to set gallery view for a streaming session in api code in addition to speaker view (now default).

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