Invalid Access Token - Zoom to Wordpress BuddyBoss

On the step before ‘Saving in BuddyBoss’, after following all of the instructions here:

And after making sure the Zoom account I’m logged into Zoom with is the Admin account, with Developer abilities, and the ability to change anything to do with 0Auth, I get Invalid Access Token when I click Save Settings in Buddy Boss, Zoom, Integrations.
The email address is grayed out, and so is the Notification URL link.
Why is the email address box (with dropdown) grayed out? It currently says

Zoom Gutenberg Blocks

Not Connected
Invalid access token.
After going on to the next step (even with Invalid Access Token error), I am at the step here before Event Subscriptions:

From the Features tab you need to copy your Secret Token

Hi @petter-erik
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community
Since we are not the developers of this integration, we can not support you with troubleshooting this.
I suggest you to reach out to the developers from BuddyBoss and share with them the steps you are following to make sure they support you