Webhook endpoint validated but gets invalid token access after revalidation

Need help. We have been going over and over the steps for the revalidation of our webhook and we kept getting “invalid token access”. No matter how many times we go over the steps. We are not developers, we just wanted to fix this issue.

First, we got:

  1. “Your webhook endpoint failed to respond to our validation request.”
    We followed the steps to revalidate but we still got the “invalid token access”
  2. We got the notification: “Zoom API is not able to connect with Zoom servers at the moment”

We looked into some of the documentation here but we could not find any (highly likely we missed it).
We are integrating Zoom with Buddyboss for our website.

Any help is much appreciated. thank you

Hi @phu
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Can you please share with me a link to the Documentation you are following to integrate with Buddyboss?
If you are not able to validate your endpoint, it is more likely an issue on the Buddyboss integration where they have not implemented the webhook validation logic on their end

Hi @elisa.zoom

I appreciate the reply. Here is the link to the buddyboss documentation we are following.

We have followed the steps until we can activate the app, but somehow even if the endpoint is “validated” and connected before processing the endpoint. Just when it says" Your app is activated on the account" we get an invalid token access notification. (Awesome Screenshot). If we check the website, the once-connected Zoom Gutenberg Blocks are disconnected.

Hi @phu
So you can actually validate your endpoint and also activate your app.
When are you getting the invalid access token notification?

Yes, we can actually validate the endpoint and activate the app. After which it sends a notification for “invalid access token” and we have this message on the feature section of the app:

“Zoom App Marketplace uses Challenge-response check to confirm the ownership and the security of the event notification endpoint URLs. Check the documentation about building response to the challenge to validate your URLs.”

We are not sure which part went wrong. before we enable the event subscriptions, we are connected to Zoom Gutenberg Blocks. Just after the app was activated, I got an invalid token access notification and disconnected. No matter how many times we repeat the process.

I see @phu
Thanks for sharing more details with me.
I have never seen this issue before but it looks like you will need to reach out to the developer from BuddyBoss so they can look into the logs and they might need to adjust the endpoint validation on their end to fix this
Using webhooks

@elisa.zoom , thank you. We had reached out to Buddyboss as well and were waiting for them to reply. We really appreciate the assistance.

Sure thing @phu
Let me know if you need anything else.!

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