Invalid client id(4,700) error when end-user use OAuth

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We have published the app and as far as we checked with our test account(Pro plan), OAuth is working fine.
But when enduser with Business Plan try to do the same with Owner account, they got Invalid client id(4,700) error .
Is there any configuration in Zoom admin console or APP setting that may cause this?


Invalid client id(4,700) error.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?


Hi @t.f,

Thanks for reaching out! So when a user with admin-account access tries to install the app they get invalid client id error? When you view the app logs for recent API activity, what do you see for this end user?

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@gianni.zoom Hi Gianni,

Is it this page?

Then No endpoint of Error - Zoom is shown there.

Hi @t.f ,

I cannot see it as I am not a logged in account owner as you are :slight_smile: – can you please provide screenshots of what you see for the logs. Make sure to block or blur any sensitive information.

Thank you,

yes. kindly check the screen capture.
[Removed screen capture to preserve sensitive information]

Hi @t.f ,

Can you please share the screen capture again and a link to this thread to with me addressed? Please also share the email address of the business plan user who is encountering the invalid client id error.


Thank you. I just sent email

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Great @t.f - will assist there!

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