One marketplace app user getting 4700 "Invalid client_id" error

One user of our marketplace app App Marketplace is getting the following error when calling

{"status": false,"errorCode": 4700,"errorMessage": "Invalid client_id: <client_id>","result": null}

Here <client_id> is the correct client_id for that app. Calling the same URL when logged in with any other Zoom account we’ve tried it with doesn’t produce that error.

{"status": false,"errorCode": 4700,"errorMessage": "Invalid client_id: <client_id>","result": null}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Not sure, since this is for one specific user. The URL that is being called is:<correct_redirect_uri>&client_id=<correct_client_id>

Additional context
To me this looks similar to the problem described here: Invalid client_id: NAHy6vDXQyalMVmAwqPilw (4,700) . However, the proposed solution (creating a new OAuth app) is really not feasible for us, since we have many users using the app on a daily basis.

Hi @matej,

I suspect this may be a sync issue on our backend. Please send:

  • Customer’s email associated with app installation
  • Production client_id of app
  • Exact URL of “invalid client_id” page
  • Screenshot of the app credentials page
  • Installation URL link

to with a link to this thread.


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