Invalid client_id for SSO

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We have a Zoom app with ID [REDACTED] and when our users try and login with SSO, they see a message saying “Invalid client ID”. However, users with an email/password are able to login normally. Are there different criteria or different endpoints for SSO users?

4702: Invalid client ID

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. Attempt to authenticate with OAuth as an SSO user

Hi @oliver ,

Do all users have the app installed on their accounts? Was this something that recently started occurring?


Hi @gianni.zoom. I believe this is the first time an external company has tried to use our app with SSO.

The normal process is that they start the OAuth session and login with an email and password to Zoom, then tap the Install/Authorise button to add our app (CatchApp Bookings) to their account, and this all works fine.

@gianni.zoom We still haven’t been able to progress with this. Is there any way to test our app with the SSO process without having a corporate Zoom account ourselves?

The current process is:

  1. Call with our client_id, redirect_url, response_type=code and some state
  2. After authentication, we would then normally store the access token, refresh token, etc.

However, with SSO, our users can’t get past step 1. When they visit that link, they are redirected to and see the following error:

Is PKCE required for SSO? It says “optional”, but just wondering if this is why it’s not working.

Thank you for your patience! I missed your response a few days ago.

@oliver so to clarify, SSO users are able to successfully install the app, but receive “invalid client id”?

Or rather is it that when SSO users try to install the app, they receive the invalid client id status message?

They should be able to install the app as SSO users:

Either way this seems like a bug and can you please send the full error, the URL, userIds for a few customers experiencing this, and production clientId to please?

We’ll take a further look at what is happening!

Hi. Thanks for the response. No, this user doesn’t seem to be able to install the app. When we redirect them to the install URL, they see the error message in the screenshot in the post above (“Invalid client_id…”).

I’ll also send the details over to that email, thanks.

Thanks for submitting a ticket @oliver! We’ll follow up with you there.