Invalid client_id

I created an app from here (GitHub - zoom/zoom-oauth-sample-app: Sample Zoom Oauth App NodeJS app to call Zoom's APIs) and it works fine. My question is about who can use the created installed app. In my case this is what the installed app is:

My understanding of the client_id is that it is the relationship between the created app and Zoom. For instance the scope/s of the OAuth request will be under the client_id. I was hoping that the installed app will work for anyone who has a Zoom login. So I tried to use the installed app just as myself (who I’m logged into Zoom with now) rather than my corporate identity (that I created the installed app with), but got the invalid client_id message.

In reality we will want our actual application to work with any Zoom user. I was hoping there wouldn’t be a restriction on who uses the installed app.

In fact perhaps there isn’t such a restriction and the ngrok link has been broken! Should I expect the installed app to work for any user? Is it possible this message (invalid client_id) comes about because the web site is no longer up and running (broken pipe)?

Hey @chrismurrph,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Prior to publishing your app, it will only be available to other users on your account with the ‘developer’ privilege. Once you publish your app the marketplace, it will be installable by any zoom user/account.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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