Invalid ClientId issue

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

Getting an error when I am trying to sign in.

{“status”:false,“errorCode”:4702,“errorMessage”:“Invalid client_id: Qe9AjCjeQrGVXqc3VYx3PQ”,“result”:null}

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Request URL / Headers :

Hi @ramesh_singhvi ,

Please provide more context on how to reproduce, including the app type and whether this is new behavior/it was working before for you.

The app type is the web application and to reproduce the issue, simply click this link

This use to work a year ago but now it doesn’t

Hi @ramesh_singhvi ,

Which type of application? One of the legacy applications? Unified Build Flow?

I don’t understand your question. As mentioned in my post, I’m just trying to call an API from a web-based application and getting the error that I mentioned in my earlier posts. Please help.


This is an app we created back in 2020 if that gives it any context. We removed it after Zoom required a bunch of technical articles. We completed that and was approved to be included in the marketplace.

We’ve made no changes to our code as it was working fine until we were removed about 6-9 months ago. Now we cannot get this to work.

Hi @CellarPass , if you were removed 6-9 months ago, have you followed up with developer support?

Hi @ramesh_singhvi I asked about the type of application because I wanted to confirm which of the applications from Zoom Marketplace you created and were using to initiate the API requests. This would help narrow down potential cause of error.

What is the web-based application? Is it one of the integrations?

Yes as I stated above, we’ve been already re-approved to be included.

What we’re trying to solve is our code issue because we’ve made no changes on our end.

As far as what “type of app” how do we figure that out? We simply have a reservation system that once someone books, it generates a Zoom mtg or adds someone to an existing Zoom mtg.

Please advise as we’re anxious to figure this out.

Hi @CellarPass , it sounds like you have an app that was published to the marketplace.

Log in to the Zoom App Marketplace and click manage to see your apps. You should see the app. See our docs for guidance navigating.

Additionally please send an updated url where you’re seeing this error and a screenshot.

Okay, I have logged into the app marketplace and our app is there, but there’s nothing that states what type of app it is other than OAuth

@CellarPass @ramesh_singhvi please respond to the private message with your emails, the name of the application, and updated error link and screenshot.