Invalid Redirect URL (4,700) in Prod, but not in Dev

Hello -

I’ve spent the last couple hours going through all the different posts on this issue, but haven’t found a working solution.

We have two parallel Zoom apps set up, one for Dev & one for Prod (details attached).

The Dev app is working beautifully - user comes to our app, gets sent to the Zoom authorization process, comes back on the redirect route w/ an auth code, auth code gets passed back to Zoom to trade for access & refresh tokens, and all is well.

The Prod app, however, is resulting in the Invalid redirect: (4,700) error.

The code is exactly the same, and the client ID & redirect url are ported in from environment variables, so there shouldn’t be any issues from a code perspective.

Client ID Prod: redacted
Client ID Dev: *redacted

The Redirect URL for Prod OAuth field is:
This is copied & pasted into the ‘Add Allow List’ field as well.

Dev is the same, except it’s “sak-dev” instead of “sak”.

If it helps, this is an Angular & Node JS app, deployed using Cloud Forge & Bamboo, and inside a corporate firewall.

Would anyone be able to give us a hand with this one?

Thanks in advance!

hi @travis.vadnais
thanks for reaching out to us!
Have you made any changes to your app in production?
If you have recently added or change data such as redirect URL you will have to resubmit your app for review and have it approved by the marketplace team

Great - thanks Elisa. I’ll work with our Zoom product owner to see if this resolves the issue and will keep you posted. Appreciate you looking at this!

Hi again - just spoke w/ our Product Owner. Our Zoom apps are in our private Zoom marketplace and will never make it to the public marketplace. He’s an admin and is the one who created the app, but says there isn’t anything pending approval. For what it’s worth, nothing has changed on the app side since it was built ~2 months ago.

Both the Dev and Prod apps are in /np-prod/dev tenant, and the Dev app redirect works whereas the Prod does not.

Are we just overlooking something?

Thanks again!

Hi @travis.vadnais
interesting, can you just make sure that the URL is also added in the Allow list for your prod app?

I’m glad you said that bc that was the first thing I had him check - we ran into that issue when we first built the Dev app, so we didn’t make that mistake again in Prod. We can rule that out as the culprit.

I will send you a private message so you can share more details of your app with me

To update this public thread, the developer was able to troubleshoot this on their end and it is working for now! :slight_smile:

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