Invalid redirect url even both redirect oauth url and whitelist urls are same

Hi ,

I am facing the Invalid Redirect URL (4,700), i created the app for testing purpose. it generated an installation url and copy pasted in my browser and then i got this error.

  1. I have filled the both redirect oauth uri and whitelist urls are same then also getting this issue.
  2. Can i authorize and get the login user details who access my app from externally with my client id without adding into my account and not to publish.

Hi @shivakumarm – is the app already published? If so, try regenerating the publishable URL and saving the app to see if that helps fix the issue.

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Hi @gianni.zoom
the app is not published. i am checking in local development case.
i have done multiple times to regenerate the publishable URL.

Please help me to resolve the issue.

Hi @shivakumarm can you please send screenshots of the error you’re receiving so I can take a better look?

Thank you,

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