Invalid signature after changing app key

Testing goes as expected using a test JWT app key, we change to the client’s JWT app key and cannot join meetings, with error 3712 “Invalid signature”

Object { method: “join”, status: false, result: “Invalid signature.”, errorMessage: “Signature is invalid.”, errorCode: 3712 }

Which version?

Additional context
Using C# sample code for generating the signature, works perfectly with our test signature app, the only change made is the key and secret using the client’s paid account

Hey @lance,

Can you provide your Web SDK signature for a test meeting to so I can investigate this issue further?


[signature redacted]

Hey @lance,

It looks like your signature is being generated slightly incorrectly:

Please see the .. preceding the timestamp.

Can you ensure you’re following these steps correctly:

Your signature should follow this format:


Hey Will thanks for the response, not sure what was going on with that one, this is a new test from today

This is the signature passed to the api

I decoded that from the generated URL here

It includes timestamp, meeting ID etc as expected

Something I just thought of, one difference between our test account and live, my account has the flag for password required where here we will not have passwords, I’ve been passing empty string is that correct or should the parameter be omitted entirely?

Again just very curious since the only change here has been the keys, exact same code running

Hey @lance,

For us to debug this further, can you please share the account # or email of the Zoom account who owns the JWT Token? Please send it to with a link to this thread.


Hi Tommy thanks, getting that to you now

Thanks @lance! :slight_smile:

We will be with you shortly!


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