Invalid Signature error after changing account email

Our Zoom Web SDK was working fine until our account administrator changed our account email.

Since then, Zoom Web SDK always returns a “Invalid signature” error when trying to join a meeting. We tried to create another identical Meeting SDK App to see if the app was the problem, but the error remained. We also tried using our app credentials on the Sample Meeting SDK (github[.]com/zoom/meetingsdk-web-sample) and we still had the error. We also tried with another meeting number to see if that was the problem but it seems to not change anything.

We wanted to add screenshot but we are not allowed to upload media in the post, so here is a quick copy of the error :
errorCode : 3712
errorMessage : “Signature is invalid.”
method : “join”
result : “Invalid signature.”
status : false

The version of the SDK we are using is 2.12.2 on Windows 10 Chrome 113.0.5672.127 (Official Build) (64 Bit)

Update : The problem seems to be coming from Zoom Meetings that were made by Zoom Events. If we create a manual meeting, it works normally. But if we create a Meeting from Zoom Events it does the Signature Invalid error when trying to join it through the Web SDK.

error 3712 can happen, if the time of the computer (where the signature is created) is some seconds in the future → “Signature is not yet valid”

We tried with a delay in the past minus 20, 100 and 500 seconds and nothing seems to work, if we go too far it even gives us the “Signature is expired” error

  • first synch your computer/server with a global time server

  • then you should check if your Meeting SDK app on Zoom App Marketplace works flawless

  • use to test the Zoom Meeting SDK web sample on github (-> CDN version)

the CDN version is ready to use in a few simple steps

CDN/js/index.js:20 var CLIENT_ID = "YOUR_CLIENT_ID_OR_SDK_KEY";;
CDN/js/index.js:112 ... "/meeting.html?" // replace '/' with './'

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