Invalid signature error when using meeting with different api keys

I am getting invalid signature error when trying to join a meeting with the attached scenario.
I created a zoom meeting with a friends account, and try to join it using the sdk that is linked with the api keys of my account. Is this a valid scenario ?

Hi @akram.abdelnasser201,

Are you trying to start the meeting? If you’re trying to start the meeting via Web SDK, you will need to pass a Meeting ID that is associated with a host under the same account as your JWT credentials. You can’t start a meeting from an external user/account.

You should however be able to join a meeting that has already been started. If you’re having trouble with this, please share your signature so that I can help debug. :slight_smile:


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Alternatively, if ‘join before host’ is allowed, then you will be able to join the meeting and then use the host key to gain access to any host controls.

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@will.zoom Thank you so much for the immediate response.
I will try what you said and come back to you

I have another question, is there any way from the sdk that I can know if there is a host joined in the meeting before joining the meeting ?

Hi @akram.abdelnasser201,

Have you considered leveraging our Meeting Started webhook?

This would let you know if the host has started the meeting yet, and is only triggered once the host has joined/started.

Let me know if this is helpful—thanks!

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