"Invite" button is showing up after putting the user on hold and admitting back to the meeting room

“Invite” button shows up after the user is admitted back to the meeting room despite disabling Invite button during Zoom Initialization.

No error

Which version?
Web SDK v.1.8.0
Web SDK v.1.8.1

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Computer A: User A joins the meeting as host
  2. Computer B: User B joins the meeting as guest
  3. User A (host) puts User B (guest) on hold
  4. User A (host) admits back User B to the meeting room


Additional context
Chrome 85 on Windows 10

Hey @lfrancia,

Thanks for reporting this bug. :slight_smile:

We will fix this as soon as we can. (CS-2364)


And also it seems like waiting room is no longer displayed when user is put on hold. The person who is put on hold will just not hear the other people in the meeting and that user seems to be muted as well. Video is just paused. In 1.8.0, I remember seeing the waiting room.

Could you please check that as well?

Hey @lfrancia,

Can you please create a new topic and fill out the post template for this additional issue? :slight_smile:


Yes sure no problem.

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Thank you @lfrancia! :slight_smile:

It helps us track the issues better, and helps others find the resolution.


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