Waiting Room is not displayed when user is put on hold

Waiting Room is not shown when user is put on hold.

When a user is put on hold, waiting room is no longer shown. The user will just see a frozen window and the user’s audio seems to be muted both microphone and speaker.


Which version?
Web SDK v.1.8.1

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Browser A: Host join the meeting
  2. Browser B: Guest join the same meeting
  3. Browser A: Host clicks on Participants button, Click on “More” button of the guest then select “Put on hold”
  4. Check Browser B

Additional context
On Web SDK v.1.8.0, there was no problem. Waiting room was shown properly.

“onUserIsInWaitingRoom” event is not fired also.

Hey @lfrancia,

Thanks for reporting this! :slight_smile: We will get this fixed as soon as we can. (CS-2372)


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Hey @lfrancia ,

The fix for this bug will be released in version 1.8.6 this weekend. :slight_smile:


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Hey @lfrancia ,

This should now be fixed. Please upgrade to version 1.8.6:


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