iOS Breakout Room Unassigned

Does the iOS SDK support unassigned breakout rooms? If I create and assign clients, they get called with onHasAttendeeRightsNotification. But if I create and do not assign, the clients do not get that. Is there another function I should be implementing?

Which iOS Client SDK version?

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A standard breakout room participant must be assigned a room to join a breakout room. An Admin and Assistant can join breakout rooms they were not assigned to.


Hi @Michael_Condon

I want to follow up on this. I noticed that the Zoom iPad app does allow me to join an unassigned breakout room.

  1. Would it be possible for me to assign all participants as Assistants so that they can select their own room?

  2. Is assigning breakout rooms something that’s planned in a future SDK release? Do you have an estimated timeframe?

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Hey @steven.otoole,

  1. I have not tested this, but I do not see anything wrong with doing this.
  2. We are not sure what exactly will be changing for this feature yet, but there are plans to add in more functionality to it. I cannot guarentee a timeline quite yet.


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