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I ran the Zoom app on my desktop and created a breakout room. When I assign a user on the created iOS app to the created breakout room, onHasAttendeeRightsNotification is not called.
I know that onHasAttendeeRightsNotification is called when a user is assigned to a breakout room, is this correct?
If you have any sample code in Swift, please let me know.

I’m using CustomUI.
I’m using ZoomSDK version

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We do not yet have breakout room example code in swift, but we hope to have that soon. Have you opened the breakout room yet?


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The host runs the Zoom app on the desktop and creates a breakout room right away.
The iOS app user joins the meeting later and manually assigns this user to the already created breakout room.
In the desktop version of the Zoom app, the assignment is made, but the iOS app user is shown as “not joined”.


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The room can be created by the creator and users can be assigned to it, but they cannot join the breakout room until an admin calls startBO. After that, the users will be joined into the breakout room and then the onHasAttendeeRightsNotification callback should be triggered.


Hello @Michael_Condon,

Thanks for your reply.I was able to confirm that onHasAttendeeRightsNotification is called. Thanks a lot!

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Awesome! I am happy to hear :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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