Unable to Get In-Meeting User List as a Webinar Attendee

When using CustomUI, the webinar host and panelists’ video are not visible to attendees. This is because the meeting user list is empty for webinar attendees.
This issue looks similar to one filed on macOS: Webinar host and panelists not visible to attendee when using CustomUI

Which version?

Step to reproduce:
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start the demo application and enable CustomUI
  2. Choose Email Login and log in with Zoom account credentials
  3. Hit the Join button and enter a webinar ID for a webinar in progress with “No Registration Required”. This webinar should have multiple panelists.
  4. Click the button for the thumbnail tab and see that the thumbnails are entirely blank. Instead, these thumbnails should contain video of the panelists.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone (any model)
  • OS: iOS 14

Additional context
After debugging this further, I can see that MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()?.getInMeetingUserList() returns nil as an attendee. Once the attendee has been promoted to a panelist, this call to retrieve the user list works as expected.
Because the in-meeting user list returns nil, the thumbnails where the panelist videos should be remain blank.

As mentioned before, this macOS issue looks similar. Could this be a problem on your backend of not sending the meeting user list to Webinar attendees?

Thanks for the help!

Hey @tyson1,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

The behavior of MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()?.getInMeetingUserList() returning nil for a user who is not a panelist or host is by design. The normal users are only supposed to be able to see the active video of the webinar.

However, in the MacOS issue, there is a bug where no video streams are able to be shown when the user is an attendee, including the host.


Thanks for the response Michael.

However, the behavior you’re describing:

The normal users are only supposed to be able to see the active video of the webinar.

is different from the official Zoom client.

See the screenshot below from a webinar attendee. This attendee is able to see both the host and panelist’s video. This screenshot was taken from Zoom 5.4.9.

How can we view all videos (including the host and panelists) as a webinar attendee, using CustomUI?

Thanks for the help

Hey @tyson1,

I understand that this is different than the client’s behavior, which is not ideal. I will submit a request to the team to investigate this use-case further. However, as of now, this was an intended feature for the SDK.


Thanks for the quick response Michael.

We’ve been under the impression that the SDK’s custom UI should be able to do whatever the official Zoom client does. If webinar attendees are not able to view more than just the active video, it impacts our product quite a lot. We’d very much appreciate a request to the team to see what can be done about this.


Hey @tyson1

I too believe this should remain true. I will update this thread with what I hear.