iOS Mobile Devices and iOS 14.6 Update


iOS Mobile Devices are not able to hear audio on browsers.



To Reproduce(If applicable)

Load web SDK in mobile iOS device.
No audio can be heard
iPhone 11, iPhone 12

I would like to know is there a formal blog about this issue with Zoom and Apple or just Zoom?

As this is not a small issue and I am having to rectify what the issue was and why it has happened with my clients webinar.

Hey @Meathead,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Currently, the Web SDK does not support mobile browsers. This was a recent change that we made in order to better align with the support we’re able to provide here.

When it comes to iOS, there are APIs that are slowly being added with the latest versions but our team hasn’t implemented these changes or tested in a manner that would allow us to expand our platform support.

You can see our browser support page but we don’t have a blog post on this.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi MaxM,

Thanks for your response.

The first thing I see on that page is Mobile Browsers are not supported, however, my Andriod Phones work fine with Browser Version for Web SDK.

This is only related to iOS mobile devices? If so I had read in another thread that if you install Edge on your iOS the audio will work. I am yet to test this myself, as I personally don’t have an Apple Phone.

With companies switching over the Zoom Web SDK I hope that the team focuses strongly more on their Web SDK Version. A lot of companies don’t want to be taking users to the Zoom desktop / mobile versions if they are coming from their own website.

Hey @Meathead,

I should have clarified that while mobile browsers aren’t supported that doesn’t mean it won’t work just that we aren’t able to provide support for it.

When we did have iOS listed as supported - it definitely had limitations compared to Android and this was rooted in missing APIs.

As we work to release new versions of the Web SDK, expanding our platform support and ease of implementation for our developers is top of mind.

Thanks you for sharing your feedback as well!


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