When will we have a web sdk build to fix IOS mobile browsers issue for join audio?

Right now, it is fail to join audio and login on IOS mobile browsers.
It is really suffer for the scenairo of live on IOS.
Currently, so many people run into the issue, but curious no information when zoom will fix it.

Could we know when we can get the right build to fix this IOS mobile browser issue?

using web sdk 1.7.7

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Hey @chungjordan,

Currently we are limited to what the mobile browsers allow us to access. And currently they do not allow access to the microphone.

We are working on ways to make this possible in the future.

Stay updated here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog

For the best experience, please use the Zoom Mobile Apps.


@tommy Please prioritize this bug fix and make it available asap. Otherwise, as developers we are very disappointed by the constant user complains who are trying to use their day to day iOS devices. Recommending to use iOS app or Zoom client, is against the whole point of Zoom WebSDK.

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the big issue is why we are not use zoom app on mobile, that is because our service is paid service, but APP you can easy to spread the url and let more people to try to join the meeting. Make more trouble : ))

Hopefully, u can understand the scenario and fix it soon.

WE DO NEED THE FIXing SCHEDULE, otherwise, we have to choose other solution lo :))

I do BELIEVE many developers have the same issue and trying other solutions such as webex, or more


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@jude.niroshan11 @chungjordan
The limitation with Computer Audio on iOS is caused by iOS limiting using other browser engines and Chrome & Firefox on iOS has to use the same engine as Safari. The Computer Audio issue on Safari is limited because the browser does not support Audio worklets API.
This API has recently been adopted by Firefox and are used on Chrome, & Edge as well.

Right now we are waiting for Apple Safari to adopt this API for to enable computer audio.

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which means if we use the latest google chrome build on ios mobile, then we can do join audio success?

@chungjordan - No, Chrome, Firefox or any other browser on iOS uses the same engines as Safari. This is a limitation of iOS until they make changes by adding the Audio worklet API.

will this take them a long time or cost particularly significant resouces?

Hey @Evanatzend,

It could take some time since it relays on an iOS change.