iOSSDK Entry without sound input and output video normal display

When I joined the meeting, the connection became an InMeeting state. I didn’t hear the prompt sound and the audio turned on, but without the input and output of the sound, the video stream could be displayed properly. At this time, switching the speaker and the receiver would also make an error:AUIOClient_StartIO failed (-66637) InitAudioUnit use hardware AEC = 1 .
I found that when this happens in InMeeting, AVAudioSessionCategory is AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback.

您好,我使用的mobile RTC 版本是4.3.47201.0322。
问题:当我加入会议时,connecting 之后变成InMeeting 状态,不会听到入会提示音,而且音频打开,但是没有声音输入和输出,视频流可以正常显示,此时切换扬声器和听筒也会报错
AUIOClient_StartIO failed (-66637) InitAudioUnit use hardware aec = 1
我发现在InMeeting的时候如果发生这种情况,此时的AVAudioSessionCategory 是 AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback这种类型,正常的情况应该是AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord,请帮忙看一下为什么会出发这种问题,SDK的demo目前还没发现,不是每次都会出现问题

Which version?
the MobileRTC version I used is 4.3.47201.0322.

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In addition, when the microphone is silent and the voice of the other party is not heard, the application cuts to the background, and the current application on the top of the mobile phone is using the audio red bar in the background. It will not always appear, it will flicker.


Hi liy,
Thanks for using Zoom SDK. I will contact you via forum message shortly regarding this issue.