iOS Sdk - Play meeting audio and video player video together

Zoom meeting audio and Media player video should work together

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1.Using the zoom iOS SDK I could create meeting and same time user can join the same and we could interact on iOS mobile app.But when host minimize meeting I am playing the video in videoplayer on same app and on same page that time zoom meeting audio get disabled and we can’t interact with the joinee and the video player which is auto played it’s still playing and that sound we could here properly but zoom meeting audio gets disabled.

Additional context
Is there any missing piece in this any settings required so that the audio from zoom for ongoing meeting and audio of video from videoplayer that could work equally or if we pause the video at least the zoom audio get reinstate means everyone on zoom call can interact again.

Hey @tushars,

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Does the zoom video still continue? Only the audio gets disabled correct?
What version are you on?


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