Unable to start Meeting / Join Meeting with Video Enabled

I authenticated iOS Zoom SDK using sdkKey and sdkSecret.
I am starting the meeting by setting user.noVideo = false and user.noAudio = false. But it is still joined as audio with No Video. I tried the same with Sample App also. The sample also behaving like this only.

This is my code.

if let meetingService = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService() {
            meetingService.delegate = self
            if let hostEmail = meeting?.organiser?.emailId, hostEmail == UserManager.shared.currentUser?.emailID {
                // START MEETING
                let user = MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4WithoutLoginUser()
                user.userType = .apiUser
                user.meetingNumber = meetingNumber
                user.userName = UserManager.shared.currentUser?.displayName
                user.userID = UserManager.shared.currentUser?.emailID ?? ""
                user.isAppShare = false
                user.noAudio = false
                user.noVideo = false
                user.zak = zak
                meetingService.startMeeting(with: user)
            } else {
               // JOIN MEETING
                let joinMeetingParameters = MobileRTCMeetingJoinParam()
                joinMeetingParameters.meetingNumber = meetingNumber
                joinMeetingParameters.password = meetingPassword
                joinMeetingParameters.userName = UserManager.shared.currentUser?.displayName
                joinMeetingParameters.noAudio = fasle
                joinMeetingParameters.noVideo = false
                meetingService.joinMeeting(with: joinMeetingParameters)

Which iOS Client SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone 6s
  • OS: iOS 13

Hey @dnreddy890,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Can you log into the Zoom web portal for that user and see if the meeting was scheduled with no audio and no video?